As we now live in a world where technology can accomplish anything. We at D.A.C not only see Virtual Reality Training as an Advanced training method but as a Compulsory training method in the near future. Safety training is essential in our everyday lives and today's training methods have indeed paid off, but as we draw nearer to a world ruled by all things tech, Virtual Reality Training is definetly the way to go and at D.A.C that is exactly what consumers will get. 

Dimensional Awareness Consultants offer Tailor Made Virtual Reality Simulations 

Shooting, editing and production of Interactive Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 videos

  • Virtual reality/ Augmented reality induction and site specific inductions

  • Virtual reality/ Augmented reality general health and safety training

  • Virtual reality/ Augmented reality site specific health and safety training

  • 360 Virtual reality/ Augmented reality real time shooting and editing for incident investigations

  • Compiling of learning and insights of incidents in virtual reality/ augmented reality

  • Virtual reality/ Augmented reality high risk activity training

  • Virtual reality/ Augmented reality orientation programs

  • Virtual reality/ Augmented reality operational training (e.g Hand tools/ Replacing of a valve)

  • 360 Virtual reality progress reports for construction industries

  • 360 Virtual reality situation feedback

  • Augmented reality information sessions (life saving rules)



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